Kymijoki, Kotka, Finland

Kokonkoski - Kymijoki


Kokonkoski starts immediately at the lower end of the shoreline of the short beach below Siikakoski and is the longest continuous rapids section in the area. Kokonkoski consists of several small rapids and rocky streams.

There are also three islands in Kokonkoski, which can be waded into depending on the water level. The highest of the islands is Tittisaari, whose area is good for salmon fishing when fishing from either the island or the shore, especially in the fall. The wading route to the island passes through the rapids at the lower end of the island, and access to the island in shallow autumn water is quite easy. The middle of the islands is Lenkkarisaari, which, as the name implies, can be reached with normal summer water on dry feet. The Lenkkarisaari area is especially reminiscent of sea trout and a good place in the spring during high water. The lowest island in the area, Alasaari, is located just above the lowest rapids of the bustling Kokonkoski rapids and can be reached by wading through the shallow water in the shallow autumn water. Other good places in the area are the low-flowing lower part of the backwaters below the beach (the so-called Talvikivi area), as well as the deeper sections between Lenkkarisaari and the lower island (the so-called Topinkivi area and the lower catchment area).

Kokonkoski laskee vetensä hidasvirtaiseen suvantoon ennen Hinttulankoskea. Kokonkoski sijaitsee kävelymatkan päässä Siikakoskesta ja sen parkkipaikoilta. Kokonkoski on luonnonkaunista aluetta ja on pääosin Siikakoskea ja Ruhavuolletta pienemmällä kalastuspaineella läpi kauden.

Fishing license

Purchase of a fishing license

In addition to rapids-specific fishing license, those aged 18-64 must have paid a fisheries management fee before starting fishing.

Salmon and trout with a andipose fin must be released

Salmons and trouts that breed in the wild, there is a andipose fin between the dorsal and caudal fins. This fin has been removed from the fish planted. All salmons and trouts with andipose fin must be released. We also encourage the release all trouts and salmons without andipose fin to ensure the strengthening of wild fish stocks. Even these fish are important for the future of the river.

Lohi - © Sakke Yrjölä

Rasvaevätön lohi - © Sakke Yrjölä

Kuvat © Sakke Yrjölä

Catch and Release

  • Use a rubber net.
  • Handle the fish with wet hands.
  • Avoid lifting the fish into the air, hanging it, and lowering it to the ground.
  • Fight the fish hard and fast. Avoid unnecessarily prolonging the fight.
  • The use of barbed hooks is recommended.
  • Before releasing, resuscitate the fish properly. Keep your head upstream. Do not pump fish. In warm water, fish take to recover.