Kymijoki, Kotka, Finland

Hinttulankoski - Kymijoki


Hinttulankoski is located below the backwaters below Kokonkoski, but there is no walking connection from Kokonkoski to Hinttulankoski, but you have to go there separately along the roads.

In the confluence between Hinttulankoski and Kokonkoski, the river branches into the actual Langinkoski branch and the smaller Huuman branch, which is completely calmed by fishing. At the bottom of Hinttulankoski, the river is crossed by a footbridge. In addition, there is an island in the middle of the rapids, which, unlike the Kokonkoski islands, does not belong to the fishing area. The best fishing spots in Hinttulankoski can be found in the neck of the area, either during low water by wading in the shallows of the neck area or fishing from the rocky promontory at the very top of the area. You can also reach fish from above and below the bridge.

Hinttulankoski is often a less fished rapids in the Siika and Kokonkoski area. The wildest fishermen fish in the backwaters above and below Hinttulankoski also because of the large pike.

Fishing license

Purchase of a fishing license

In addition to rapids-specific fishing license, those aged 18-64 must have paid a fisheries management fee before starting fishing.

Salmon and trout with a andipose fin must be released

Salmons and trouts that breed in the wild, there is a andipose fin between the dorsal and caudal fins. This fin has been removed from the fish planted. All salmons and trouts with andipose fin must be released. We also encourage the release all trouts and salmons without andipose fin to ensure the strengthening of wild fish stocks. Even these fish are important for the future of the river.

Lohi - © Sakke Yrjölä

Rasvaevätön lohi - © Sakke Yrjölä

Kuvat © Sakke Yrjölä

Catch and Release

  • Use a rubber net.
  • Handle the fish with wet hands.
  • Avoid lifting the fish into the air, hanging it, and lowering it to the ground.
  • Fight the fish hard and fast. Avoid unnecessarily prolonging the fight.
  • The use of barbed hooks is recommended.
  • Before releasing, resuscitate the fish properly. Keep your head upstream. Do not pump fish. In warm water, fish take to recover.