Kymijoki, Kotka, Finland

Kalastajan Kymijoki

Kalastajan Kymijoki is a channel that collects and shares current information about fishing on the Kymijoki River. It’s the view of three passionate salmon fishermen about what a good fishing medium should be like.

162,2 m3/s Koivukoski
94,2 m3/s Korkeakoski
2,2 Lämpötila

Tight lines in Kymijoki

Kymijoki is the most important baltic salmon river in Southern Finland. The river flows into the Baltic Sea in the Kymenlaakso region. The original salmon stock in the Kymijoki River was destroyed in the 20th century due to the dam of the river and industrial wastewater discharges. Salmon were returned to the Kymijoki River in the late 1970s when salmon were planted in the Neva River. Today, Kymijoki produces a large proportion of wild-born juveniles.


The southernmost salmon river in Finland

Fishing areas

Diverse fishing areas

Fish species

The river is known for its large baltic salmons


Length (km)


The catchment area (km²)


The height of the source (m)

Fishing license

Purchase of a fishing license

The rapids of the Kymijoki River are divided into several separate sites, for which licenses are sold. In addition to rapids-specific fishing permits, those aged 18-64 must have paid a fisheries management fee before starting fishing.

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